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Wright Media offers trucking companies a simple solution to recruit drivers. Whether it's coming up with strategies for target search engine campaigns, getting the most out of social media or targeting our driver audience of over 2 million, we've got you covered. All of our strategies are based on one thing, data. Data is at the center of everything we offer which allows our approach to be targeted and efficient.

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Meet The Team

Kenny Wright, Owner/CEO of Wright Media

Kenny Wright

Chief Executive Officer

Cliff Wright, CFO of Wright Media

Cliff Wright

Chief Financial Officer


Performance Marketing


Corporate Marketing

Jason Troup, Senior VP of Sales

Jason Troup

Senior VP of Sales

Jennifer White, Senior Account Executive

Jennifer White

Senior Account Executive

Jerry White, Senior Account Executive

Jerry White

Senior Account Executive

Chris Masson, National Sales Director

Chris Masson

National Sales Director

Shane Kennedy, Account Executive

Shane Kennedy

Account Executive

Shane Jackson, Account Executive

Shane Jackson

Account Executive

Jake Goggans, Account Executive

Jake Goggans

Account Executive

Caleb Bowne, Account Executive

Caleb Bowen

Account Executive

Derrick White, Account Executive

Derrick White

Account Executive

Drennen Beam, Account Executive

Drennen Beam

Account Executive

Taylor Morrow, Account Executive

Taylor Morrow

Account Executive

Megan Wright, Account Executive

Megan Wright

Account Executive

Crysti Shelton, Client Development Associate

Crysti Shelton

Client Development Associate

Established in 2006, Wright Media was the first in the trucking industry to develop a mobile app. The app was designed to help drivers find the best jobs based on their qualifications and experience. Since then, owner and founder Kenny Wright continued to build a team of leaders and developed the technology behind one of his most successful products, HireMaster.com.

HireMaster is a performance-based recruiting platform that utilizes every tool in our team's portfolio. Our impressive network and robust recruiting platform is designed to reach your recruiting goal on time and within budget utilizing a combination of SEO, SEM, social media campaigns, voice & text automation, geofencing, email marketing and the industry's leading mobile recruiting apps and job boards. All while targeting our driver audience of over 2 million.

Wright Media consists of a team of industry experts and professionals who have been in the trucking industry for nearly 30 years. We offer trucking companies a strategic based solution to target specific driver types within challenging markets. All of our strategies are based on one thing, data. Data is at the center of everything we offer which allows our approach to be targeted and efficient. The team behind Wright Media is constantly improving strategy, developing new products, creating lasting partnerships and providing top notch customer service to our client's success.

"I've built my company and reputation on problem solving, innovation and staying ahead of the curve with technology in the recruiting space. I'm proud of our team of expert innovators and that is what makes HireMaster a true leader in the recruiting Industry."
Kenny Wright CEO of Wright Media