Push Marketing with your HireMaster brings your company's information directly to the phone of your desired audience: truckers to haul your loads.

Hiremaster uses a 3 component approach.

the number one
a phone that is making ringing sounds


Voice blasts are recorded in-house and provide drivers a "Press 1" option to speak directly with a company's recruiter. This may also supply a driver with an accurate call-back number. HireMaster also utilizes an auto-caller for direct applications. It connects the driver with a recruiting line, and the recruiting department with driver information.

the number two
a mail envelope


Email blasts, like each of the other components, are custom-built for each client to maintain brand consistency. When interacted with, these blasts send drivers to a custom company landing page or digital media flyer.

the number three
a cell phone with nothing on it


Text blasts serve a number of purposes. Job alerts are sent to drivers who meet a company's criteria. These can provide drivers with a phone number to call or one of our custom company landing pages. HireMaster also utilizes an auto-responder to remind drivers to reach out to companies; two reminders are sent and are each 72 hours apart.